Ziptrak® – Track Guided Blind System

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Connect your indoor and outdoor environments into one harmonious space.

Instantly transform your space into a place that exudes a sense of privacy and sanctuary, whilst also creating an ambience that promotes the enjoyment of life outdoors with family and friends.

Ziptrak® – Track Guided Blind System - Cullens Blinds Newcastle


Ziptrak® offers protection through every season – enjoy year round outdoor entertaining, sheltered from Ultra Violet rays, the heat of the sun, the biting wind, and frustrating rain.


Ziptrak® is the original system for outdoor blinds with a proven, patented, track-guided design that glides smoothly and stops at any height – No zips, cords, ropes or wires.

Perfectly Unobtrusive

The Ziptrak® spring-balanced system makes zips, cords, ropes and wires totally redundant, creating an unobtrusive design that subtly integrates into your space in a way that is simple to operate.

Perfect at any height

Ziptrak® blinds can be left at any position along the track. Simply start the blind moving up or down and, when it is at the height you desire, simply let go; The Ziptrak® blind will remain steady at that height, allowing you to instantly control your spatial environment.

Lightweight, simple operation

Astonishingly, much of the weight of the blind is neutralised by our patented spring-balanced system. With Ziptrak® blinds, you are free from all the heavy lifting, pushing and pulling that you have to endure with other blinds.

Locks into place

Ziptrak® blinds have convenient and secure locking mechanisms which allow the blind to be locked when in the fully unloaded, down position, providing a secure hold, even in windy conditions. With our unique Centre Lock Release feature, you can unlock both the left and right locks simultaneously from the centre – another remarkable and intuitive solution that makes outdoor entertaining a pleasure.

No Crank Required

Crank blinds are difficult and time-consuming to operate. You’ll have a crank stick cluttering your outdoor area and raising three blinds could take you 3 minutes of constant twisting, but Ziptrak® blinds have rendered crank blinds a thing of the past. No sweat!

Potential to reduce your energy bills

The Ziptrak® retractable shade system is a highly practical solution because you can shade your space in summer, but allow the heat to radiate inside during winter. External shading can block a significant amount of heat from entering a building reducing the need of air-conditioning, which allows your property to lower your impact on the environment and save money at the same time.

No rattling in wind

The Ziptrak® patented design grips tightly to vertical tracks and floor loops, which promotes peace and quiet, even in strong winds. Built for years of outdoor use in harsh, Australian conditions, the system is built to withstand the toughest of environments.

Architectural Integration

With prior planning, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds can be seamlessly integrated into your outdoor area. Talk with your architect or builder about recessing components into ceiling cavities and face-fixing, to disguise the tracks. Whether you have a heritage listed building or an ultra-modern abode, Ziptrak® is a discreet solution.

Wide Blinds Available

Ziptrak® outdoor blinds can be up to 6m (19ft 8in) wide and 3.5m (11ft 6in) tall. The system automatically includes larger, stronger additional components that make a 6m wide blind as robust and easy to lift as a 3m wide blind: If you’re looking to cost effectively cover a large opening, Ziptrak® offers unbeatable quality and value.

Ziptrak® User Guide for Australia’s Favourite Outdoor Blind System!

Download your copy of our brochure or user guide


Ziptrak® Outdoor Blind User Guide – For information on how to use, how to clean, or how to operate Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, look no further than the Ziptrak® User Guide. Each and every blind is custom made for your home or business, allowing you to enjoy outdoor entertaining year-round.

Ziptrak® blinds are really easy and quick to use. The User Guide includes some useful tips to make operation even easier.

Ziptrak® owners can follow some very simple instructions to ensure they have a blind that operates perfectly and looks great for many years. Importantly, before using any spray lubricant in the track, please read the User Guide to learn more about how to properly apply and what product to use.

Ziptrak® – Track Guided Blind System - Cullens Blinds Newcastle