7mm Diamond Grille


Some Security screens are classically iconic. A tried and tested example of this is the 7mm Diamond Grille, providing excellent security for your home or business’ doors and windows.


Manufactured to meet Australian Standard AS2803, our 7mm Diamond Grille security door and window screens come riveted to the frame at regular intervals and can be fitted with single locks or even triple locks, for added peace of mind. The end result is a screen door that not only keeps bugs out but deters unwanted intruders, too.


Our 7mm Diamond Grille are available in a wide range of styles to perfectly suit your requirements, such as:

Our large range of standard colours are sure to suit your style needs and can be custom powder coated if required.

Pet Friendly

Pet Doors can also be added to any 7mm grill door in small, medium or Large. Furthermore, all our 7mm grill security screens have a standard fly screen layer fitted behind the actual grill, to keep your home as pest free as possible. This can be upgraded to pet mesh if required, which is stronger and thicker, so it can withstand those little claws.