Interior Shutters

Interior, or Plantation shutters are fitted into a door or window frame and are made up of a series of horizontal, adjustable slats. You could consider them a sturdier version of a Venetian style blind. Your home space will be utterly transformed by these beautiful shutters and, with multiple material options available, there is an interior shutter that is perfect for your home.
Ideal for family homes due to the ultra-safe shutter mechanism, these window and door coverings offer luxurious control of the ambient light with fully adjustable slats. This means that you will be protected from the heat and UV radiation of the sun in summer, but also sheltered from wind gusts if you decide to keep your windows open.

The slats are easy to clean and maintain and can be fitted by our expert team in a variety of materials such as:

Allure Basswood

Our Allure Basswood range uses the straightest hardwood available, ideal material for shutters. It has an attractive, even texture that adds uniformity to the finished shutters. Unlike some inferior natural wood shutters, our Allure Basswood material resists warping, shrinking and splitting and is resilient towards heat and moisture. The shutters are available in 10 different stains or 12 colours, are lightweight and due to their high insulation properties, are considered one of the best environmentally sustainable window coverings on the market. 

Interior Shutters - Cullens Blinds Newcastle
Interior Shutters - Cullens Blinds Newcastle

Allure Wildwood

Our Allure Wildwood range has a unique woodgrain finish, are lightweight and are custom configured and designed to suit your space. Made from renewable resources, the shutter range have 11 paint options available and come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They are easy to maintain and require no harsh chemicals for cleaning. With a 5-year warranty, our Allure Wildwood shutters are the perfect choice to add elegance and class to your space. 

Allure Polymer

Our Allure Polymer shutter range are the perfect choice for your space if you want to have a moisture and termite resistant window covering. Perfect for the interior wet spaces in your home, such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, our Allure Polymer shutters can be custom designed to suit your style and space. Available in 12 paint colours and made from an environmentally friendly, non toxic, renewable polymer material, our Polymer shutters are the perfect choice to transform your home. 

Interior Shutters - Cullens Blinds Newcastle