Crimsafe Security Screens

Crimsafe security screens are a made of a system of extra strong and safe mesh, sealed tightly in a hinged or fixed door or window frame. They are similar to flyscreens, but immensely stronger, meaning that Crimsafe security screens ooze peace of mind.

Crimsafe holds a solid reputation for producing tough, durable security screens that are highly resistant to tampering, forceful impact and other breaching attempts.

Standing by their reputation as the best in the industry, Crimsafe only authorises quality installers to fit their systems, and backs them up with a 10-year warranty. That’s why Cullen’s Blinds are proud to be an authorised licensed resellers and installers of Crimsafe Security Systems for homes and businesses.

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Why Choose Crimsafe?

Crimsafe has a powerful reputation for being the best in the security screens business. Their patented security technology ensures the strongest resistance to tampering and impact attacks, but it’s not just about security; Crimsafe screens keep out the unwanted bugs and mosquitos, whilst letting the fresh air flow through your home.

An added benefit of installing Crimsafe to your home or business is the reduction of the solar heat gain through your windows. Crimsafe can effectively help by up to 53%, which makes for a more comfortable home, and whilst being both energy efficient and reducing your energy bills. In fact, installing Crimsafe screens on all your windows can improve your overall home energy star rating.

Peace of mind abounds when you have a Crimsafe home, because of the 12-year warranty (16 year for the IQ range) of a product that includes 304 Structural Grade Tensile steel that is up to 5 times stronger than the Australian Standard
(7 times stronger for the IQ range).

Crimsafe Security Screens - Cullens Blinds Newcastle
Crimsafe Security Screens - Cullens Blinds Newcastle
If that wasn’t enough, you can purchase a screen from the IQ range which adds an extra 6 – 10 locking points on your fitted screen door, which can help to minimise break in attempts with a tool such as a crowbar. Aesthetically, Crimsafe stands out, too, stocking a range of colours with other colours available on request so you can choose the colour and style that best suits your home. Read more about Crimsafe here:

Crimsafe’s Superior Technology

Crimsafe Security Windows

Crimsafe Security Doors

Installing Crimsafe Security Doors & Screens

Unlike other security screens and doors, Crimsafe are not a DIY option – they can only be installed by licensed service providers due to the specific patented design. This is to ensure they are fitted and installed correctly every time, so you can sleep soundly knowing your security screens hold up to Crimsafe’s high safety standards.

Our licensed Crimsafe installers will come to your home to measure the window and door frames. The screen frames are then made to fit the design and format of your windows and doors, in the colour and style you choose. They are custom built off-site and affixed to your home with minimum fuss and maximum reliability, so you can feel secure in your home.

Crimsafe Security Screens - Cullens Blinds Newcastle